University rankings

In principle, each ranking tries to make the very different universities comparable with the help of standardized parameters. Of course, the meaningfulness of the individual ranking results is strongly dependent on the indicators used for evaluation. And these vary from ranking to ranking, as do the data basis and presentation method. A university can therefore perform far better in one ranking than in another.

However, rankings not only assist prospective students in making decisions, they also stimulate competition among universities, as they very often become a point of orientation for employers, politicians and funders.

To find your personal top university in the USA, we present you all the important rankings for universities in the USA on


International university rankings

International rankings compare universities across national borders. Of course, the particularities of the individual universities and the peculiarities of the educational environments in the respective countries cannot be taken into account.

But these rankings are of great importance for the international comparison of higher education institutions among each other and are therefore regarded as very important by the higher education institutions themselves. has selected the most important rankings for you, but the following lists are limited to the presentation of American universities. QS Ranking THE Ranking CWUR Ranking RUR Ranking ARWU Ranking

In addition to the international rankings, there are national rankings in the USA, such as in many other countries. These rankings only compare the universities in one country. US NEWS Ranking FORBES Ranking Wallstreet Journal THE Ranking

Criticism of the significance of university rankings sees itself as a service for future students. For this reason, we don’t want to keep the criticism of the rankings from you. There is no doubt that university rankings are widely accepted in the media and within the public debate. But there is also always criticism regarding the expressiveness and the methodology. Frequent criticisms include a lack of transparency, the selection and weighting of the respective evaluation criteria and indicators, such as the statistical evaluation methods or the data basis used.

You should therefore question the results and not make the decision for a university abroad purely on the base of the position in a particular university ranking.

Use the university rankings for first orientation and as one of several factors in your decision making! In addition, it takes other aspects such as the versatility of the study offer, housing possibilities on campus, focal points of the department, amount of tuition fees, location of the university or sports and leisure possibilities into account.

Of course each of you decides individually which factors are most important to you. wishes you every success in choosing your future university in the USA.