Study in the USA

Finding the right university is not easy. Especially not in the USA, where potential students have to choose between more than 4,500 accredited universities. Nevertheless, up to 1,000,000 international students decide to study at US universities every year.

Before making the final decision about a university, all students should ask themselves the same questions. How good is the university I choose in a national comparison? How are the standards for teachers and teaching content defined at the future university? How are international students supervised?

For the recognition of international academic achievements or degrees at the home university, the standards and criteria for quality assurance at the international university are particularly important. It is noteworthy that quality assurance at universities is always defined by the education system of the respective country and can therefore vary greatly.

But how can a future student recognize the quality of a university? There are actually only three main methods – successful accreditations, placements in university rankings and memberships in university associations.

As university rankings have their origins in the USA, they are particularly important there and can be a very good decision-making aid when choosing the right university.

At you will find all the rankings that are important for studying in the USA. Since the methodology of the individual rankings is also explained, an objective comparison of the rankings should be possible. We hope to make your decision for a university in the USA a little easier.