RUR Ranking

RUR World University Rankings 2019

The RUR World University Ranking is designed to provide all interest groups around international universities with a transparent evaluation and decision-making basis. The RUR Ranking helps for example prospective students and parents to decide for a study program or a university. At the same time, students can use the rankings to find a new university for their master’s studies or professors for equivalent research partners. Furthermore, the ranking results are also very helpful for the management of universities or political representatives of countries in order to compare the quality of institutions internationally. The ranking is designed and published by the RUR Rankings Agency based in Moscow. The agency was founded in 2013 and not only publishes rankings, but also offers consulting services for universities.

Within the RUR World University Ranking, 930 universities from 80 countries were evaluated and ranked. Forthis purpose, 20 key indicators were analyzed, which are summarizedin the following four categories:

  • Teaching indicators
  • Research indicators
  • International Diversity indicators
  • Financial Sustainability indicators

More Information

US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
11Harvard University100.000Diamond League
22California Institute of Technology (Caltech)98.137Diamond League
34Stanford University97.604Diamond League
45Yale University97.506Diamond League
56Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)97.364Diamond League
68Columbia University95.393Diamond League
711University of Chicago94.712Diamond League
813Johns Hopkins University94.299Diamond League
915Northwestern University94.117Diamond League
1016Princeton University93.993Diamond League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
1118University of Pennsylvania93.525Diamond League
1219Cornell University92.271Diamond League
1320Washington University in St. Louis91.325Diamond League
1421Carnegie Mellon University90.608Diamond League
1523Case Western Reserve University90.314Diamond League
1624University of Michigan89.447Diamond League
1725Boston University89.443Diamond League
1826Brown University89.043Diamond League
1929Rice University88.292Diamond League
2032University of California, Los Angeles87.674Diamond League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
2134New York University86.848Diamond League
2236Tufts University86.468Diamond League
2337University of Wisconsin - Madison86.418Diamond League
2442University of Pittsburgh86.051Diamond League
2543Emory University85.995Diamond League
2649Vanderbilt University85.054Diamond League
2752University of California, Berkeley84.502Diamond League
2854University of Minnesota84.150Diamond League
2956University of Washington83.760Diamond League
3065University of California, San Diego82.757Diamond League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
3168University of California, Davis82.631Diamond League
3269University of North Carolina82.383Diamond League
3373University of Rochester82.221Diamond League
3477University of Southern California81.955Diamond League
3581University of Alabama Birmingham81.481Diamond League
3682University of Illinois at Chicago81.453Diamond League
3783Georgetown University81.444Diamond League
3885Dartmouth College81.289Diamond League
3989Georgia Institute of Technology80.388Diamond League
4092George Washington University80.317Diamond League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
4193Rutgers the State University of New Jersey80.311Diamond League
4294Ohio State University80.263Diamond League
43101University of Florida79.524Golden League
44103University of Miami79.337Golden League
45104Purdue University79.095Golden League
46106University of Notre Dame79.059Golden League
47111Michigan State University78.461Golden League
48128University of Utah76.614Golden League
49149Rockefeller University75.246Golden League
50152State University of New York, Stony Brook74.975Golden League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
51158Colorado School of Mines74.788Golden League
52159University of Colorado74.772Golden League
53160University of Kansas74.589Golden League
54165University of Arizona74.350Golden League
55169University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign73.901Golden League
56170University of California, Irvine73.804Golden League
57172University of California, Santa Barbara73.499Golden League
58173Northeastern University73.344Golden League
59174Indiana University73.320Golden League
60176Pennsylvania State University73.195Golden League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
61180Texas A&M University72.951Golden League
62194State University of New York, Buffalo71.864Golden League
63200Wake Forest University71.150Golden League
64201University of Connecticut71.142Silver League
65203Temple University70.933Silver League
66204North Carolina State University70.768Silver League
67214University of Hawaii69.823Silver League
68217Drexel University69.495Silver League
69223University of Nebraska68.757Silver League
70232William & Mary67.986Silver League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
71234University of Tennessee Knoxville67.692Silver League
72236University of Oklahoma67.510Silver League
73243Creighton University66.711Silver League
74246Arizona State University66.587Silver League
75250Brandeis University66.374Silver League
76251University of New Mexico66.351Silver League
77252Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University66.216Silver League
78261University of Nebraska Medical Center65.326Silver League
79266University of Alaska65.201Silver League
80268University of California, Santa Cruz64.917Silver League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
81269University of Delaware64.840Silver League
82270University of South Florida64.721Silver League
83279University of Georgia64.263Silver League
84281University of South Carolina64.242Silver League
85283Syracuse University64.107Silver League
86289Lehigh University63.744Silver League
87294Kansas State University of Agriculture and Applied Science62.953Silver League
88305American University62.258Bronze League
89316Washington State University61.267Bronze League
90317Wayne State University61.238Bronze League
US RankWorld RankUniversityScoreLeague
91320Louisiana State University61.210Bronze League
92327Boston College61.057Bronze League
93332University of Vermont60.799Bronze League
94334Oregon State University60.593Bronze League
95337University of Montana60.393Bronze League
96346Hofstra University59.646Bronze League
97349University of Houston59.529Bronze League
98351University of Texas at Dallas59.487Bronze League
99356Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute59.017Bronze League
100362University of Oregon58.666Bronze League

RUR data

The RUR Rankings Agency receives the data pool necessary for the analysis of the universities from the internationally recognized data service provider Clarivate Analytics (formerly the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters).All in all, various types of data and key figures are evaluated for the preparation of the RUR (see below).

Teaching indicatorsResearch indicators
Academic staff per studentsCitations per academic and research staff
Academic staff per bachelor degreesDoctoral degrees per admitted PhD
Doctoral degrees per academic staffNormalized citation impact
Doctoral degrees per bachelordegreesPapers per Academic and research staff
Teaching reputationResearch reputation


International Diversity indicatorsFinancial Sustainability indicators
International academic staffInstitutional income per academic staff
International studentsInstitutional income per students
International co-authored papersPapers per million research income
International reputationResearch income per Academic staff
International levelResearch income per institutional income

For more in-depth information about the RUR World University Ranking, visit the RUR Rankings Agency website: